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Enterprise Plan Guide

Our mission is to multiply the impact teachers make on the world.

Our mission informs our product philosophy: we carefully design each plan to enable you to grow and impact more people while we grow with you.

Your Pathwright Enterprise Plan is designed to provide you with all our most powerful platform features as well as access to optional professional services and consulting you need to launch a world class learning experiences.

Within this pricing guide, you’ll find a detailed list of everything your plan includes and answers to common questions.

If you have any questions or are ready to activate your plan, please contact us at

Make paths,

Mark & Paul Johnson, cofounders

Enterprise Plan Overview

Includes all Core Features + these additional features:

  • Single Sign On (SSO). Enable your organization members to sign in using their company login. Supported by Google for Education, Google for Business, Microsoft Azure, and any other software that implements SAML 2.0.
  • Priority email support + live demos. We'll move your messages to the top of the pile and respond in less than 2 business hours + you'll have the option to join a live demo / Q&A session each week.
  • 50 staff members. Includes up to 50 administrators, library or course editors, or lead mentors. Add more anytime.
  • Teach up to 1,000 members. Includes up to 1,000 non-staff members to start and can grow to any amount.
  • Access to Pathwright Partner Services. The Enterprise plan gives you access to additional Partner Services from Pathwright, including a personal Partner Manager, consulting, to curriculum design, course conversion, and customized features and integrations.
  • Teach multiple cohorts per course. Offer any number of unique versions of your course to any number of unique groups. For example, offer a scheduled version with expert feedback and a self-paced version. Or set up private groups for whole organizations.
  • High volume pricing. We'll create a custom plan that includes as many staff members and learners as you need.
  • Flexible invoicing. We’ll provide the option to pay by invoice, ACH, or another method that fits neatly into your billing workflow.
  • Developer APIs and support. Get private access to our secure GraphQL APIs to deeply integrate into external systems or develop custom solutions for your organization. Additionally, get direct developer support for your development and IT staff.
  • Custom integrations. Unlock the option to contract the Pathwright development team to create custom integrations (and even custom features).
  • Advanced curriculum management. Keep a core curriculum version of each course that can be updated and published to all the unique groups taking it without overwriting group-specific changes.
  • Member-created group courses. Enable businesses, schools, teachers, or groups of friends to take your courses with their own, private groups. Offer them for free or for a per-seat license (e.g., $15 per member).
  • Offer multiple subscription plans. Offer more than one monthly or recurring subscription plans that unlock access to sets of courses. Subscriptions features include free trials, pausing, subscriber management, discounts, and more.
  • Course certificates. Offer a downloadable, printable course completion certificates that auto-generate with the course title, learner name, date of completion, your logo, and custom text.
  • Create unlimited courses. Teach as many courses as you'd like and offer any way you'd like – for free, for pay, private, or public.
  • Use your own domain name. Change to your own domain ( or subdomain (
  • Optionally sell courses (no extra fees). Securely sell any course for any price, including full control of funds, and no added on fees (, 2.9% + 0.30 or whatever price you negotiate).
  • Optionally sell recurring subscriptions. Sell recurring monthly or annual subscription plans that unlock access to one or more of your courses. Subscriptions features include free trials, pausing, subscriber management, discounts, and more.
  • Easy integration with 1,000+ apps. Share data with over 2,000 other software services using Pathwright Zapier APIs.
  • Unlimited active cohorts per course. Teach up to 3 different cohorts of any given course at the same time using our Source feature to streamline content updates while maintaining personalization / contextualization for each cohort.
  • Unlimited mentor groups. Create unlimited groups of learners within your community and assign mentors who can track their progress across everything they're learning.
  • Investment

    All fees associated with the Enterprise Plan are custom developed in coordination with enterprise partners.

    Pathwright Enterprise Plan - Custom Pricing Plan

    All plans are custom developed


    Option 1: Annual Plan

    Discounted 10% for annual pre-payment.*

    Full amount due upon invoicing, which occurs when your plan is activated.

    *A prorated refund will be issued if plan is cancelled within first six months.

    $17,987.00 10% Off

    Option 2: Monthly Plan

    Full amount due upon invoicing, which occurs when your plan is activated.


    Enterprise Plan FAQs

    What is the price for the Enterprise Plan?

    You can use all the features of the Enterprise Plan for up to 1,000 members and 50 staff starting at $1,499 per month (or $1,349 per month when paid annually, for a 10% discount).

    Most Enterprise Plans are customized to some degree, so your final plan may include extra fees for services or add ons. To learn more about the services & add ons, contact us.

    What is a “member”?

    A “member” is anyone who has access to one or more of your courses as a learner, observer, moderator, or teacher. You may set any member to “inactive” at any time. This doesn’t erase their data, but keeps them from signing in and doesn’t count them as a member in your plan.

    What is a "staff member"?

    A "staff member" is a member of your account who has special staff permissions, including:

  • Administrators: full control of everything in your account.
  • Editors: access to create and edit at least one course under your account.
  • Lead Mentors: a mentor or team leader who can track progress and share feedback for a set of learners throughout all the courses they take.
  • Your plan includes a number of staff members already, but you can add more anytime for $12/month per additional staff member.

    Learn more about staff roles.

    Are there any other fees?

    Other than the agreed upon fees included in your Enterprise Plan, there are no additional fees from Pathwright. If you plan to sell courses, there is an extra fee from the payment processor,, but Pathwright does not collect sales fees.

    How does my plan grow past 1,000 members?

    Pathwright is hosted on Amazon's scalable web servers and can grow to any amount of members (our largest account has over 500,000 members).

    As you grow past 1,000 members with access to your courses, adding extra members is designed to be easy, inexpensive and dynamic. We charge for users in blocks of members (vs. for each additional member), based on the following:

  • 500 extra members adds $159 /month E.g. in a given month you have 1,248 users. Your extra member fee for an additional 248 users is $159. Calculation: 1 X $159(500 extra member block)
  • 1,000 extra members adds $329 /month E.g. in a given month you have 3,448 users. Your extra member fee for an additional 2,448 users is $817. Calculation: [2 X $329(1,000 extra member block)] + [1 X $159(500 extra learner block)]
  • 5,000 extra member adds $1,399 /month E.g. in a given month you have 6,448 users. Your extra member fee for an additional 5,448 users is $1,558. Calculation: [1 X $1,399(5,000 extra member block)] + [1 X $159(500 extra learner block)]
  • Special Note: You can disable access to any member any time (for example, when they've become inactive). Disabled members won't be deleted but also won't count towards your total member count.

    See the "Additional member fee schedule..." section below for a table showing how your plan scales as your membership grows.

    Are discounts available?

    Yes, paying in advance for a year includes a 10% discount.

    What does my price look like at ___ members?

    For reference, here’s a chart showing how your plan scales as your total member count grows.



    Annual ( -10% )

    Price Per Member (annual)

































    Need more than 10,000 members with access? Let us know and we'll provide a custom quote.

    Pathwright's Core Features

    A tour of the features included in all plans:

    Learning Experience

    Make happy learners by offering the best learner experience out there.

  • Mobile first makes learning a great experience, no matter where it’s happening.
  • Focused mode helps learners focus just on what they’re learning as the move through an immersive step-by-step path that looks amazing.
  • Home is where your learners can keep track of every course they’re taking from you in one place.
  • Notes enable learners to take, keep, and print private notes on anything they learn.
  • Questions may be asked on any step and learners can chime in on discussion with you and/or your learning community.
  • Notifications keep everyone on track and up-to-date with email and in-app notifications for due date reminders, discussion responses, feedback, and more.
  • Digests keep learners engaged with a daily or weekly email report of everything happening across all their courses.
  • Course Designer

    Design any type of course and create or reuse existing content.

  • Path designer makes it easy to map out any type of course in minutes with a drag and drop interface.
  • Mobile first means you can build full courses anywhere and on any screen.
  • Theme each course so with a unique header, background, and more.
  • Media enables embedded video or audio for lectures, demonstrations, and more.
  • Documents enable creating great-looking readings, exercises, or any type of document.
  • Projects enable you to assign writing, documents, images and collect any type of work to review.
  • Assessments enable quizzes, tests, or study-guide style assessments with optional answer explanations.
  • Attach any type of file for your learners to download.
  • Discussion questions can be added to any learning step to prompt a group discussion.
  • Points enable automatic or personally awarded points on anything.
  • Optional steps enable learners to skip parts of the course.
  • Embed just about anything.
  • Teacher Super Powers

    Make it personal and keep any number of learners engaged.

  • Mobile first means you can track progress, give feedback, set dates and more anywhere, on any screen.
  • Radar lets you see who’s started, completed, and where everyone is at a glance.
  • Performance report shows you how each learners is progressing, scoring, and more all in one place (it’s like a super-powered gradebook).
  • Stats help you evaluate completion rates and performance stats for your whole course, each lesson, and each step at a glance.
  • Feedback enables quickly reviewing and/or grade everything quickly from one screen.
  • Due date reminders keep everyone on track with due dates & automatic reminders.
  • Notifications(in app and by email) give you one-click access to anything you need to respond to.
  • Community shows all the discussions happening in your course in one place.
  • Start dates lock access to content until an upcoming date.
  • Privacy settings enable you to make your course private, public, or members-only.
  • Access settings enable limiting registration and access to a specific date and controlling seat limits.
  • Powerful Management Tools

    Only manage the important things. Everything else runs by itself.

  • Mobile first means, you guessed it, manage everything anywhere, on any screen.
  • Branding enables you to create a unique environment with your own name, colors, logos, fonts and more.
  • Custom domains enable you to use your own URL (e.g.,
  • Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your teaching, courses, community, and activity on one screen.
  • Access control gives you ability to change who has access to any course with a few clicks.
  • Community manager helps you see every member in one place
  • Learner profiles show you every course a learner is taking and all their activity on one screen
  • Download detailed reports as CSV files for registrations, members, sales, and more.
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, – pretty much anything with an embed code.
  • Essential Commerce Tools

    If you sell course, Pathwright’s fully integrated commerce tools enable you to sell with confidence.

  • Instantly sell courses your way simply by setting up commerce (about 5 minutes) and then adding a price (less than one minute).
  • Preview part of the course content so your potential learners can see what they’re getting.
  • Collect payments directly to your bank account with, one of the most powerful and fastest growing payment gateways in the world. You have full control over all your earnings directly in your account—including payouts, refunds, and reports.
  • No extra fees means you keep more revenue. The only transaction fees you’ll incur come from Stripe, the payment provider—2.9% + 0.30 (or whatever price you negotiate).
  • Certified PCI level 1 compliance maintained so that your customer’s records are secure.
  • Discount codes enable you to provide incentives for anyone with full control over the number of uses, reuse by multiple people, expiration, and more.
  • Platform Security & Stability

    The Pathwright platform is designed to safely scale from one member to millions.

  • Fully hosted means you never need to install anything – Pathwright is securely hosted in the cloud.
  • Scalable infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services means you can scale to any number of members without a hiccup.
  • SSL encryption on every screen keeps all your data and member access safe from hackers.
  • Daily database backups protect your content and member information from data loss.
  • Weekly enhancements and bug fixes improve the platform nothing to install, ever.